From the Cure Ethiopia Medical Director


Life seems to always send surprises our way.  Sometimes they are good.  Sometimes they aren’t so good.  And sometimes they are just strange and unusual.

Well, this week, life sent me an unusual surprise.  A 14 y.o. girl arrived at the government hospital with a deformity described as a “parasitic twin”.  Many of you have heard of the Siamese Twins – conjoined twins that were attached at the waist.  Several other more recent stories of conjoined twins being surgically separated have made the news over the years.   This girl is similar, but the second, “parasitic” twin is incomplete.  It has no head, but instead, has a deformed trunk with undeveloped arms and legs protruding from the girl’s pelvis.  She can walk normally, and, when she wears a loose dress, it is even difficult to know that she has this twin attached to her.  She has even attended school and just completed 7th grade.

There is more to learn about her and why she and the family waited until she was 14 yrs. old before bringing her to see doctors.  We’ll learn more as we get to know them better.  But in the meantime, the surgeons have agreed that the best place for her surgery is at The CURE Hospital.  She’s undergoing extensive testing at the government hospital right now, and then will be transferred to our hospital on Monday, with surgery scheduled for Tuesday or Wednesday.

For those of you that pray, please lift us up!  This is going to be very difficult surgery, and worldwide, very few surgeons have had any experience at all with these surgeries.  This type of deformity probably only occurs in less than 1 in a million births.  To have the patient present as a teenager has probably never been documented before.

Thank you all for your thoughts and prayers.  I will keep you posted as this story unfolds…



3 Responses to “From the Cure Ethiopia Medical Director”
  1. Darla and Rēg says:

    As always, we are astounded at the medical miracles that you encounter in Ethiopia. We are joining y’all in prayer and lifting up this girl and her family that the Lord will bless and heal and receive all the glory no matter what!
    Love y’all bunches!
    Darla and Rēg

  2. Seblewongel says:

    Dr. Eric Gokcen may God bless you & your family. Good job….

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